what is gather.town?

Gather.town (GT) is a retro 8-bit themed virtual meeting space designed for interactive gatherings. In GT you will have control of a customizable avatar that will allow you interact with the people and objects in the virtual space. For "Geophysics in the Cloud" we have chosen this platform for our inaugural event.

how do I get access?

You will receive a password ~ 1 week prior to the event to access the meeting space through this link: Gather.Town

gather.town rules

  1. When you create your avatar please make sure to include the same first and last name that was used during registration.

  2. Please respect the privacy conversations taking place in private spaces. If people are talking in a public space, you are welcome to approach and introduce yourself.

  3. If a user has made it clear that they are not interested in continuing the conversation, please respect their wish and walk away.

  4. During Keynotes and general presentations - all users must be muted. They keynote hall has special functionality to prevent people from talking over speakers.

  5. The keynote stage is off-limits to all attendees. If you are found on the stage at anytime, you will be kicked from the platform.

  6. Have fun, be respectful, and make meaningful connections with your peers.

why are we using this?

After a year of social distancing and work from home, we were craving an experience that would allow us to network, socialize, and interact with our community. The platform is very intuitive and we plan on sharing some best practices to minimize the learning curve.

Gather.town f.a.q.

No FAQs for now, please follow this link for the gather.town user manual


the foyer

The "FOYER" is where your adventure begins. Make your way to the information desk to access a welcome guide. When you are ready to explore more, just make your way through the double doors between our sponsor logos to access the "MAIN COURTYARD"


Welcome to the "MAIN COURTYARD" this is nexus between all of the spaces in our 8-bit world. You will find new rooms to explore such as the "NETWORKING LOUNGE" (WEST), "SPONSOR BOOTHS" (NORTH), "KEYNOTE HALL" (EAST).

Tip: Keep an eye on your calendar so that you don't miss out or lose track of time in this space.

keynote hall

Drumroll please! This is where the rubber hits the road. In the Keynote Hall you will hear from event organizers, thought-leaders, and mentors. The stage and moderator spots are for speakers and organizers ONLY. Stepping into one of these spots, at any time, will earn you a one-way-ticket out of the competition.

networking lounge

Looking to kick-back and relax? Play some board games? Anyone up for a friendly game of poker? Come here to socialize and network with other teams.

sponsor booths

Don't forget to visit our sponsor booths! In this area you will have the opportunity to talk to sponsor reps. about products, services, or career opportunities. If the booth is empty, you can still access their static content by walking up to the booth and pressing "x"


Solo, competitive, and team games are available in the Main Hall and Networking Lounge. Make your way to any of these tables, press "x", and start playing.